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Okay so I’m super excited to announce that I am starting a Coloring Collective in Big Bear!

So grab your markers and join me on a mission to bring color and beauty into our lives!

Coloring is not just for kids these days, there have been many beautiful and intricate coloring books published for adults, Check out this beautiful design by Johanna Basford from her “Enchanted Forest” coloring book.

Enchanted Forest Johanna Basford Coloring Book

Best of all, its not an idle waste of time, coloring is part of a healthy lifestyle! Coloring has been proven to lower stress levels; the meditative quality of focusing on process over results forces people to slow down and let go of the pressures of having to perform. Ironically, taking time for yourself can improve your performance at work. Getting creative in your free time, giving yourself the space to explore different styles and techniques for coloring, has been shown to enable people to be more creative in the work place, leading to better problem solving and brainstorming.

Coloring in groups, however, amplifies these benefits as people have the opportunity to connect with others, learn from each other, and offer support when needed. Plus the benefits of working collaboratively with others have been scientifically proven to release Oxytocin into the brain creating a sense of well-being and belonging.

Our group meets every Tuesday night 6-8pm at Yarn Designers Boutique, 439 W. Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear City, CA 92314. Bring a bottle of wine, or your favorite tipple. We’ll have markers and pencils for you to use, or bring your own if you have some you really like. Please bring your own coloring books or designs, we’ll also have some fabulous coloring books for you to buy to get you started!

Join our Facebook group to stay in touch with everyone and let us know you’re coming!

Participation is $5 or FREE when you spend $10 on supplies, books, and such.

So I say again… Rise up with your markers, pens, and crayons… join me on an mission of creativity, color, and connection, and get happy along the way!


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