Lion Brand says they’ll list us online as one of their stores….

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Yes, Lion Brand has agreed to list us as a “Store” on their website!  We are so excited because 90% of their distribution is by chain stores instead of independents like us.  Now we can be there with the big guys, since none of them are closeby anyway!  We hope you will find us through this avenue and come and see us!  Actually about half of our new customers just happened upon us with our bright neon “YARN” sign we leave on 24-7 and had no idea we are here!  Every little bit helps!  Including our wonderful customers referring their friends and family!  Thank you very much!  I’ll keep you updated when we finally show up online!    I’ve got a ton of new yarn in and need to set it up on the computer this evening, so I’m closing and doing just that.  Catch ya later!  Gena

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