Our 1st success teaching “Continental” style knitting!

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Gena, here.  Last night at our free Tuesday night class, congratulations go to Tammy Brower!  She learned to Continental style knit in only 10 minutes…within 1 hour she could knit and purl and keep up with a veteran knitter!  And just how did she do this?  She has been a lifetime crochet master and had never tried knitting!  So she had no bad habits!  At any rate, she thinks it is very easy and since she is a right handed crocheter, and holds the yarn in the left hand with the appropriate tension, it was a super smooth transition to knitting Continental!  Anyone else like to learn???   Just drop in to any Tuesday night free class from 5:00 to 7:00 pm – you won’t regret it!  Continental style is 2 – 3 times faster, easier on your joints and muscles, and way less physical motion!  If you’re interested in a workshop on a Sunday afternoon from 3 – 4:30, ($10 per person)  then please respond to this post and we’ll set a date!   brrrrr……. about 27 degrees and climbing (hopefully)…..Gena 

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