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Baby Hat Knitting Loom with Removable Pegs

Quick Overview

This small round knitting loom is perfect for baby hats. If you're making preemie hats for charity this is the loom you want to make as many hats as possible. It comes with one yarn needle, one loom pick, one yarn guide and hat instructions.


This cute small round 44 peg knitting loom comes with a yarn needle, loom pick, yarn guide and instructions to make a baby hat.


Loom Size is 13cm (5 Inches) in diameter with 52 blue pegs. The loom has 44 holes so you get some extra pegs just in case.


Use different weight yarns! Lightweight yarns will create lacy loose hats, while bulky yarns make a warm wrist warmer, cuff or a warm winter hat for a baby.


The pegs are removable and interchangeable so you can create your own patterns, like basketweave, or drop stitches.


Our new design makes it easier and faster to knit. It's made from 100% brand new and high quality plastic which is super strong even including the knob on the outside to secure your yarn.


The new peg design with a hook indent makes it easier to pluck your yarn for knitting.


Our flexible design, features insertable/removable pegs so you can use either Worsted Weight (medium size 4) yarn OR Bulky yarn, simply by how you insert your pegs. To insert the pegs, all you need is a small hammer to tap them in. Be sure to place the peg in so that the side with the ridge is FACING OUT, and NOT the inside of the loom. This ridge will be used to insert your tool when you are lifting the bottom yarn over the top yarn. The pegs can be easily removed by using the other side of the hammer. If you have any questions or need any help with this loom please don't hesitate to give me a call Toll Free on 1-888-538-2725.


This Pack Includes:

  • Blue Round Loom with 52 pegs. (13cm/ 5inches diameter for baby hats, wrist warmers, cuffs, and doll dresses)
  • Basic Instructions for making a baby hat
  • Knitting Loom Hook
  • Seaming Needle
  • Yarn Guide
  • Plastic Carrying Case


Get some cool Patterns:

Basic Cabled Hat


Recommended Yarns:
Insert Every Peg

  • Unforgettable (for bright long self striping color changes)
  • Marble Chunky (for beautiful marbled colors and a huge skein, subdued color palette)
  • Prism (bold self striping colors)
  • Landscapes (absolutely gorgeous self striping colors, this will produce a preemie hat)
  • Flowers (bright solid colorways with multicolored 'flowers' that pop out, super cute for little girls hats)
  • Unique (marled stripes)
  • Textures (self striping boucle yarn)


Insert Every Other Peg


If you need any yarn for your loom I'd be happy to work with you to find the perfect skeins for your project, give me a call on 1-888-538-2725.


Here's a video where I show you what you'll receive with your loom, how to set it up, and how to make your first hat- with cables!


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