Drawing on Silk with Alcohol Inks

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Drawing on silk workshop samples

Drawing on Silk Special Class

Saturday, October 14th, 6-8:30pm

Our new class will be slightly more involved, in that we will start with drawing on silk, using Copic markers that you load up with any of our 54 colors of ink. The drawings can be anything from repeating symbols to a detailed drawing.

These markers have a fat end and a thin end to give you maximum control, and the ink will bleed slightly as you work adding dimension and background and covers up any mistakes! We will have several resists available to control some of the alcohol bleeding. After that, you can do more layers and dyeing as you choose.


Bring the whole family,

we welcome creativity from all age groups!


These scarves make unique and relaxing gifts! 

This special class take about 2 1/2 hours, and you will leave with your 

finished scarf!   


 The fee including your 100% silk scarf and supplies is $30. 


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or call (909) 584-9715 - space is limited.


Come and have fun with us!


Once you've tried this for yourself we know you'll be as addicted as we are, so it's a good thing that the sky is the limit with these. You can use this to make your own curtains, tablecloths, skirts, blouses, shawls and so much more. These scarves also make super quick and easy Christmas and Birthday presents!   

Don't wear scarves? Thats fine, we also have a ton of suggestions for how to wear these, you can tie them into a halter top, or a bag, you could dye two and sew them together as a blouse pr caftan, dye three and sew them together as a dress or skirt. We have lots of samples to show you and great project ideas. So whatever your tasts we are sure you will find something you like.
Private Parties...

Are you having a ladies getaway weekend with your friends? Or a reunion with the gals? Why not get crafty together? We offer private scarf dyeing parties for 5 people or more, to fit around your schedule, and interests.
Give us a call on (909) 584-9715 to discuss your needs.

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