Leather Crochet Clutch, Furls Tan Hook Case

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Bring All Your Tools with This Compact Clutch

We wanted you to have the ability to take your favorite Furls Crochet hooks wherever you go, with elegance. From the outside this Furls Hook Case looks like a sophisticated leather purse, but it's a travelling crocheter's secret weapon.
Naturally flexible leather provides the perfect grip around each Furls Crochet hook (or fit up to 3 conventional hooks, in each slot). Keep your most needed and loved tools right at hand and ready to travel anywhere with you.
The internal cavity also has space for a small ball of yarn, scissors, a tape measure, and any other small accessories you need to take with you. Sneak your crochet into the office or that family party without anyone knowing.
Handmade from 100% genuine cow leather, this crochet hook travel purse seals securely with a hidden magnetic clasp under the front flap.

The urge to crochet can strike at any time. With a Furls Crochet hook clutch, you'll always have your precious yarn, hooks, and projects at hand. So you can satisfy your crochet cravings at a moments notice.
Each clutch is about 9 inches long and 4.5 inches tall, easily fitting into a larger handbag or tote.

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