Loom Knitting Primer: A Beginner's Guide to Knitting on a Loom, with Over 30 Fun Projects

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Note: This book has been marked down to half price because it bears some minor water damage. We have checked it and all the patterns are still usable.

Loom knitting has taken the crafting world by storm, and for a good reason.

It's a wonderfully accessible craft, perfect for both kids and adults, and it's incredibly easy to pick up – you can learn the basics in just a few hours.

If you have fond memories of spool knitting, you'll appreciate the simplicity and joy of creating yards of knitted tubes. Today's looms offer just as much ease and enjoyment!

Looms come in various shapes and sizes, from circular to rectangular, and from tiny to large. The size of your loom determines the size of your knitted piece, but don't worry, you can easily connect smaller panels to craft larger items.

This book is your indispensable resource for all things loom knitting. It's a hands-on project guide, and it's packed with essential information for the growing community of loom knitters. Step-by-step illustrations walk you through casting on, binding off, and mastering a wide range of stitches, whether you're working on round looms or knitting boards. You'll find practice projects for each technique and more than 30 fun patterns to kickstart your crafting journey.

  • The first book to offer loom knitting patterns for this increasingly popular craft.
  • Comprehensive techniques and information serve as the essential companion to the minimal instructions that often accompany looms.
  • Enjoy over 30 quick and easy patterns for stylish sweaters and accessories.

Dive in with Loom Knitting Primer, and start crafting beautiful pieces with ease and confidence.



This book is great. Isela has put together many techniques new to the looming community. She shows you how to loom knit and make it look as if you have needle knitted the item and why it turns out that way. I had never known before this how to do a true knit or purl stitch on a loom.How can you do cables? How do you increases or decreases? Socks? All of this is in there. Only the e-wrap was ever explained before. She gives you all the tools you need here to translate regular knitting patterns and gives looming terminology. If you want to learn to knit by using these looms or other looms on the market pick up this book.
This looming craft is knitting in the round but it can also be used to make flat panals for making other items. She explains that with pictures in this book. This also was her first publication. Book number 2 is about to be released with even more patterns.(May 2008) It is a primer that gets your imagination flowing, she has spawned a whole group of non knitters to try to knit and do it successfully and some are even going further with chart reading and becoming pattern writers themselves. Caution: looming is addictive once you learn these basics.The sky is the limit.I highly recommend this book to new and old loomers out there.

-J. Pirkle

Excellent book, highly recommend to all those who are brand new or almost brand new to loom knitting. Just received this book today & have already learned a lot. There are a lot of patterns for circle looms & some patterns for long looms. I have both kinds. I just began this wonderfully satisfying loom knitting less than a month ago so I'm still quite new to this. I admit some of the patterns look a little difficult for me to try yet so I'm starting with the easiest first & working my way toward the harder ones. I love this book! Easy to understand, colorful & practical items that I want to knit. I'm very pleased with my first loom knitting book purchased. Note: I looked at a lot of loom knitting books at the craft stores but they were all overwhelming & too advanced for me. I didn't see this book in the stores so I took a chance & bought this book here on amazon & I'm glad I did.


About the Author Isela Phelps

Isela Phelps is the talented author behind the acclaimed Loom Knitting Primer book and subsequent publications, all proudly presented by St. Martin's Griffin. In the early days of 2005, Isela's journey took a unique turn when a publisher discovered her through her now-unavailable blog. Back then, she was busy crafting patterns for DA Looms, a family-owned enterprise in the realm of loom knitting. Eventually, DA Looms changed hands, and regrettably, it ceased operations. This was a time when only a handful of loom knitting manufacturers were active in the United States, and many of those have since faded into history.

While Isela's connection to the fiber arts remains strong, she now primarily channels her creative energy through the world of needle knitting.

Published by St. Martin's Griffin on March 20, 2007
Paperback, 144 pages, English
Dimensions: 6.89" x 0.52" x 8.5"

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