Ceramic Paint, PEBEO Porcelaine 150, 45ml

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Porcelaine 150 puts professional enamels into your hands, with intermixable colors which can be air dried for a decorative finish or glazed by baking at home.

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 colors are deep and brilliant, translucent and opaque with  a superb enameled look after baking. Available in a variety of colors including metallic shimmer colors with changing reflections that are especially opaque and a matte chalkboard black.  Excellent light fastness, they will stay vibrant on your surface for many washes. 

Porcelaine 150 can be applied to all heat-stable bases that are able to withstand a temperature of 150° C (300° F), such as porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terracotta, metal, enameled sheet steel, copper and glass. With such a wide choice of bases you can produce numerous effects and experiment with the transparency and intensity of the colors. And there are just as many ways to apply the paint too! Try brushes, sponges, stencils... colors can even be diluted with the Porcelaine 150 thinner for more transparent watercolor effects. 

Pebeo paints are always ready to use: just stir them with a stick (especially the Chalkboard Matte which can be written on with chalk) and get painting, they can be mixed together for an infinite palette. Clean up is easy with simple soap and water.

To produce a matte finish- add a few drops of matte medium to the color before application.

The gloss medium can be used to lighten colors without thinning them.

 How to use Porcelaine 150

  1. Before applying Porcelain 150, degrease your surface with alcohol or wash it with soapy water.
  2.  Only surfaces that are not intended to come into contact with food should be decorated. There is no danger in eating from plates or mugs decorated with Porcelain 150, but you might find the design scratches off from use.
  3. Let your decorated item dry for 24 hours.
  4. Place the decorated object in a cold oven. Once the temperature reaches 300°F, bake for 35 minutes. At the end of baking, leave the object to cool down inside the oven to prevent any thermal shock. After baking, the colors will become dishwasher-safe, resistant to alcohol, solvents and common detergents. For better strength & durability, machine wash cycle ECO, and ideally, position in the top basket.   

Note: For decorative items, you do not necessarily need to bake them, simply let them air dry for 72 hours, and they can be lightly washed - no soaking though. 

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