Tunisian Crochet | Silvalume Double Ended Crochet Hook, K 10.5(6.5mm) Silvalume Double-Ended Crochet Hook, 14" K 10.5(6.5mm) Yarn Designers Boutique

Silvalume Double-Ended Crochet Hook, 14" K 10.5(6.5mm)

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Silvalume's Double-End Crochet Hook is the perfect companion for your crochet projects!

Designed by Susan Bates, Silvalume Crochet Hooks are available in the broadest size range within the Susan Bates family, offering versatility and convenience for all your crochet needs.

  • Crafted from lightweight aluminum, each Silvalume crochet hook undergoes a special anodizing process that eliminates any surface impurities, ensuring a high-quality and durable tool.
  • Every hook is heat treated, guaranteeing longevity, strength and durability even with frequent use.
  • The polished finish adds a velvety smooth texture, allowing your yarn to glide effortlessly as you crochet.

With the Silvalume Double-End Crochet Hook, finding the right size is a breeze.

Each hook is color-coded for quick identification, enabling you to locate the size you need at a glance. No more fumbling through your collection—simply grab the color you're looking for and dive right into your project.

  • This double-ended hook features an extended shaft, providing additional length to aid in working special stitch techniques.
  • With this added reach, you can easily tackle intricate patterns and create stunning designs.
  • Let your creativity flow as you explore new stitch combinations and elevate your crochet skills.

Measuring at a generous 14 inches, this package contains one Silvalume Double-Ended Crochet Hook, ensuring you have a reliable tool for your crochet projects. Available in a variety of sizes, each hook is sold separately, allowing you to customize your collection based on your specific project requirements.

The Silvalume Double-End Crochet Hook is a top-quality crochet tool that will become an essential part of your crafting arsenal. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, this hook provides the durability, smoothness, and functionality you need to bring your crochet projects to life.

Invest in the Silvalume Double-End Crochet Hook today and experience the joy of effortless crocheting!

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