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Zentangle for Kidz!

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Watch Your Kids Learn How to Zentangle with Zentangle for Kidz!

Unleash your child's creativity with the Zentangle® series of books and watch as their doodles transform into a captivating new art form. 

The process is simple yet mesmerizing: 

  1. Start with a basic shape, like a square
  2. Then divide it into sections
  3. Fill each one with an intricate design—either original creations or inspired by the dozens of illustrated patterns in the book. 


Beyond the joy of drawing, these books offer endless inspiration for decorating cards, paper dolls, and more.

Perfect for kids of all ages, Zentangle® for Kidz! is a delightful blend of fun and artistic exploration. Kid characters Alex and Lilah guide the readers through pattern play with engaging dialogue bubbles, giving the book the inviting feel of a comic book. Each page overflows with whimsical shapes that evolve into stunning designs, cleverly disguised as “messing around with tangles.”

This thorough guide is especially beneficial for anyone who believes they “can’t draw,” Sandy’s friendly, freeform approach will captivate even the most hesitant young artist.

Prepare for laughter, smiles, and a lot of tangling fun with this inspiring art lesson!

From the Author

This was the most fun book to write (draw?)! It features my kids, Alex and Lilah - ages 13 and 4, showing off the fun and magic of creating Zentangles®. I just really want to make sure that people notice that this book is only 20 pages. It is a comic book I do try to pack in as much information as I can in the space I am given. I have a website at as a forum for kids, parents, teachers, etc. where they can post ideas, cool tangles, projects and all that good stuff.
Have fun tangling!
-Sandy B.

Published by Design Originals on August 1, 2011
Paperback, 16 Pages, English
Reading age: 7 - 12 years
Dimensions: 5.41" x 0.27" x 10.89"

How to Zentangle for Kidz! Easy Zentangle Patterns for Children
Zentangle for Kidz! Sale price$8.99