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A New Skill

In the last week or so I have been working with something completely new to me. I don’t have much quilting experience (none, really), so I was a bit confused by the concept of the Accuquilt Go fabric cutter. Once I had it in front of me, though, I saw it is a pretty cool thing and now my mind is wandering thinking of all the projects I could make with it!

At first it is folded up like a tall skinny briefcase, but then unfolds to reveal a flat surface on either side, with a set of rollers and a crank in the middle on the hinge.

The machine uses sets of dies that have shapes embedded into them. You place your fabric over the shape you want, cover it with a cutting mat, and crank it through the set of rollers. The rollers push the fabric into the die and cut out the shape. I may be a little behind the times with this one since I’m not a quilter, but I was impressed!

I’m working on a side project, making a set of drapes embellished with shapes cut out with the Accuquilt Go. Before cutting out my shapes, I applied an iron-on adhesive to the fabric, so then the shapes can be directly adhered to the drapes.

There are a variety of dies available for the Accuquilt, and a multitude of things you could do with them, so it’s definitely not limited to just quilters. Maybe if I’m good Santa will be me one for Christmas.