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April Showers? A great time to stay in and get Crafty!

As the rainy days of April set in we’re taking the opportunity to get inspired by the coming spring and bring new color into our lives and homes. We now have a new craft space in the store so please come in to visit.  You can bring in any of your art, craft, or sewing projects, work on them in our new spacious craft Co-op area – $5 minimal charge – maximum $10 per day!  Watch a craft tutorial from our extensive library, or your favorite streaming series, while you relax and get those creative juices going!  Bring a friend and get creative together!  Catch one of Diana or Gena’s demonstrations as they progress on their various projects! With a huge selection of supplies, and a library of inspiring ideas and patterns at your fingertips, Yarn Designers Boutique’s Craft Co-op is the perfect place to make your new craft room!

Don’t forget you can shop online 24/7 and if you spend $50 or more, you receive free shipping!  Now accepting payment by Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  Click HERE to do a full yarn search.

Big Bear Coloring Collective

We’ve been offering a great assortment of coloring books, markers, and pencils for over a year now and thought it would be fun and relaxing to color with the community. We’ve been having a great time for about a month now.  Please join us on Tuesday evenings from 6 -8 pm.  Please call first to let us know you’re coming.  Click here for more details!


Fantastic art pieces on display in our shop!

Announcing Knit Collage Yarns:

As many of you know, several of my best art yarn companies have quit their businesses.  For months, I’ve been searching for a new partnership and found Amy with Knit Collage handmade art yarns.  She provides us with wonderful free pattern support with each ball purchase and we hope to add many of our own patterns as well – each free with a ball purchase.  Here is just a glimpse of her amazing yarns.  She has taught the women herself in Punjab India to make each of these yarns and the selection is fabulous.  Our first order is here and we would just love to keep reordering if you support us!  You will be able to search our website shortly!  Criss and I have been busily doing our updates!

Knit Collage Daisy Chain Yarn

Knit Collage Rolling Stone Yarn

And prices are as much as 20% less than our previous offerings – a great value!

Food for Life – Grow your own Sprouts!

Did you know you could grow your own delicious and healthy bean sprouts in a unique container that allows you to take it with you or leave on your counter top? In the past (many of us did this 30 years ago), you used a Mason jar and put the sprouts up in the dark in your cupboard in water to grow.  I would forget they were up there so many times and ruined them.  We have great sprouting equipment to choose from that you can use over and over again – they create a dark enough environment to grow perfectly.  Just rinse them in water twice a day and in 3 or 4 days they are ready to eat – no mess or fuss!  Purchase the small Easy sprouter if you’re by yourself or the larger kitchen sprouter for the whole family.
Just click here for Sprouters

Just click here for Sprout Seeds

When you drop in, just ask if we have any sprouts growing that you can taste!  They’re amazing!
DIY at home seed sprouter  Organic Sprouting Seeds


Art Supplies:

Every month we add more products in this department that we know you’ll love to browse.   ART SUPPLIES  Just scroll down the left to get some great ideas!  Remember we can also special order art tools and supplies which only take a couple of days to get here and you receive 15% off retail if you prepay!

CALENDAR: Our April Calendar is ready to go – just click HERE to see what’s happening. Paper copies are available in the shop.

Watch for our classes that are listed on the calendar – please call first – we would love to see you! Watch for new sewing and art classes coming soon!

Have a wonderful Spring and thank you for being our customers!

Gena, Criss, Diana, Gouti our woolly friend, and Petunia the Pug, our Official full time Greeter!