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Beaded Ladies Scarves for Summer

Beaded Ladies Scarves for Summer

ladies knitted scarf beads knitting pattern lightweight scarfWhat lady doesn't have enough scarves? This is one of my favorite scarf knitting patterns. It's just so much fun to knit with beads!

This beaded scarf happened when a customer brought in her own cute scarf to show me and get some help with the knitting pattern. I was intrigued enough to learn the beading technique as well as how to knit a keyhole, while the two of us figured it out. Then this scarf design just took off from there. 

First I needed to find a durable yarn that could handle many beads being strung on, and pushed down the skein without fraying or damaging the yarn. The yarn also needed to be closer to a DK or Sport Weight, be soft for the neck, and cool for the summer. From my yarn stash I picked Elsebeth Lavold's "Hempathy".

This lightweight yarn is made from Hemp, Cotton and Modal. What is Modal you ask? Modal is an Eco Friendly and Vegan yarn made from Beech wood chips! It comes in beautiful rich colors as well as summery pastels, I've also brought in a range of scarf beads specifically to fit this yarn and work with this project.

You will only need 1 skein of Hempathy but 1,700 scarf beads (or 10 strings if you're buying them strung up.

There are several techniques incorporated in this beaded scarf which make it a nice small project to start with. One of the things that happens when you add beads to a knitted project is that it becomes quite heavy and drapes down rather than floating, so I knew this scarf should be a shorter, lacey neck scarf to keep it as lightweight as possible. Then I thought I could add the knitted keyhole opening so that the scarf doesn't gradually tighten around your next like a boa constrictor. I think this rounds it out nicely.
how to knit a scarf with beads casting on with beads ladies scarves
I made a couple scarves in different colors and I can't decide which one I love best. You can now download this Ladies Beaded Scarf Pattern in PDF format for $5.

Or make it a FREE scarf knitting pattern when you purchase the yarn and beads from us!

Just give me a call Toll Free on 1-888-538-2725 and let me know what your color scheme is, I'll match the yarn and beads and ship them out to you with the pattern.

This is a cute lightweight summer scarf and could be a wonderful gift for a friend or treat for yourself!

Yarning away.