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Best Stocking Stuffers Ever!

Alright everyone we now officially have the cutest tape measures ever! Great for last minute stocking stuffers. You can come in the store and have a play around with them, or order them online at our new online store!

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These latest and cutest additions to our store come from Lantern Moon.

Lantern Moon offers beautiful and functional handcrafted products. They acknowledge the skills and cultures of the people who make them and support socially and globally conscious living.

The natural materials that inspire their designs are combined with traditional handcrafting skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

The basket weaving, silk weaving, hand embroidery, bamboo carpentry, woodcarving and other handcrafting skills are unique to the regions where the materials are cultivated and produced.

With your purchases you provide a market for these wonderful products and contribute to the economic and social well being of the areas where they are produced, providing income and self-reliance to women and their families