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From the Mountain Cashmere Lattice Slouchy Hat

This slouchy hat pattern works really well with a monochrome yarn and From the Mountain‘s 100% Cashmere Fayzbad Twist creates a beautifully soft hat that is economically and environmentally sustainable.From the Mountain Lattice slouchy hat

From The Mountain specializes sustainable products that are handmade, unique, storied, fair trade, and green. Their 100%  Cashmere yarn is handmade by the woman spinners of Fayzabad, Afghanistan. Spinning provides an important source of income for women in Afghanistan, many of whom have been left as heads of household by over a decade of war. The cashmere industry – and especially higher-quality knitting-grade yarn – brings economic development to a country that desperately needs alternatives to an opium economy.

Fayzabad Twist is a soft handspun yarn that comes in 4 beautiful pure, undyed colors which reflect the natural genetic diversity of cashmere goat herds which have not yet been bred to white, as well as being a more environmentally friendly alternative to dyed yarn.

Cashmere Lattice Knit Hat

Women’s – fits 19 to 20” head

No cable needle required for this pattern even though it looks like it might be needed!

From the Mountain: 100% Afghan Cashmere – worsted weight. 1 hank – about 165 yds. This yarn is handspun & undyed. I used Natural White: undyed hair of white Afghan goats. This is a new product for us coming from some wonderful people – I had to get a single hank pattern out for you to try!

16 stitch markers if you want to mark each pattern repeat. This is highly recommended if you are unfamiliar with pattern knitting.

: Knit
St: Stitch
sl: Slip
Ssk: Sl the first St as if to K, Sl the 2nd St as if to K, K the 2 St to the back
K2tog: Knit 2 together
YO: Yarn Over

Pattern is written for working on 1 or 2 sets of 16” Size 6 circular needles. It starts out on 1 set until the decreases in the crown require dividing the stitches in half and working with both sets or using double pointed needles to finish the crown. When it is too hard with 1 set, you will change over to your choice of needles.

Gauge: 1 lattice repeat = 1”. Row count doesn’t really matter as you will go by measurements for the height of the hat. Unstretched ribbing measures 21 St to 4”.

Download the pattern now for $5 or get it free when you buy the yarn from us!