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Getting Started: Your Knitting Loom with Removable Pegs

Getting Started: Your Knitting Loom with Removable Pegs

I just wanted to make a quick video to show you what you'll recieve when you buy a round knitting loom with removable pegs from us; how to get started with your new loom, and also to discuss how to use some of the unique features of this loom. We'll cover:

-Assembling your round knitting loom
- Ways to use mutlicolored pegs
How to e wrap/ Knit
How to Purl
- Casting on your first row in rib stitch
If you don't already have a loom you can view our selection of knitting looms here. If you want to color code your pegs or use it with different weight yarns, make sure you get the removable pegs looms. 

To make your first hat you can follow the instructions that come with the loom and make a hat with a thick brim, in stockinette stitch. Or check out our selection of patterns that can be adapted to any size loom.

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knitting loom with removable and adjustable pegs
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