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We’ve been asked to join a project (knit or crochet) called the “Duduza Comfort Doll Project“.  These dolls are so cute and very fast to make – you can knit or crochet them.  Then you sew them up and stuff with polyester fiberfill.

If you want to donate yarn for the project please bring BRIGHT COLORS of worsted and bulky weight yarns as well as bright fun fur or other fuzzy yarns, especially black and brown.   If you want to just sew, stuff or stitch the faces, we can put you to work! 

Please come in to see what we’ve done so far and click HERE for the project pattern to get you started.   Denise Gideon was nice enough to share this project with us and we’ll be sure the dolls go with her friends each time they travel to Haiti to help people there.

I’d love to see us send 100’s of these dolls! This project is contagious for me – I have to start another one as soon as I finish one.  My own crochet pattern is almost typed up and it’s very fast to make – inside of an hour – and uses up that scrap yarn.  Of course, my dolls tend to make a fashion statement!

Please check our June calendar as we have special workshops going for crochet and knit Haiti dolls.  Please try to join us!

My daughter, Shelley, will be with us at the June workshops, learning to make the crochet version.  Shelley is also going to Haiti in January as a volunteer for her church.  I am so excited about her opportunity to do this service – being able to first hand help these children and be able to take dolls with her.   More information to come on this project.

For those of you who are making these dolls with us, please send us your pictures and we’ll put them up on the blog.