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Honeypot Yarns

Hey everyone we’ve added some new yarns to the store, check out our Honeypot yarns!

Newcomer Jolene Hollenberger hand dyes these yarns. Raised with knitting and sewing as a childhood activety, and born with the gift to harmonize color and design, it was only natural to pursue these skills in Art and Design School and eventually live the life of a craftsperson. A Wisconsin native, Jolene lives in the Capitol- Madison- where the draw of being surrounded by lakes, trees, and peaceful vibe enhances the spirit of the artistic individual. With the help of her partner, Tom O’Brien, the company has been able to grow from a local business to a worldwide one in a matter of months. The Glass Knitting Needles are made by friend and artist, Scott Andrews, who is also a Madison local and nationally known artist. His book on glassblowing is now in the process of being published. These fine quality, imported yarns are painted with the mindfullness of color harmony and how this effects a knitter’s creative spirit. With a bachelor of Science in Art Therapy, Jolene often takes this knowledge of the healing benifits that knitting can have on a person’s life. By further pursuing the craft knowledge at Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2003, Jolene gained and now implements the knowdge of the crafts of fiber dyeing. With the culminations of life’s journey, HoneypotYarns is brought to everyone in the hopes that pleasure in creating yarns brings pleaure in knitting yarns anywhere and everywhere possible.