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How to Find & Buy Your Perfect Yarn Online

How to Find & Buy Your Perfect Yarn Online

Yarn shopping can be difficult, sifting through thousands of skeins in your local yarn store- but it's even more difficult to buy yarn online.

That's why we've built in some handy features for you to play with, and I've written this blog post to help you make the most of them; so you can find the exact yarns you're looking for on our website. 

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Using Filters to Find Yarn

Using the top navigation, click on 'Yarn', once that page loads you'll see a set of filters at the top. You can choose to filter by yarn weight- such as bulky yarn, this is great if you already have a knitting pattern in mind that you want to find yarn for. You can even refine by fiber, for example, you can narrow down your search to cotton yarn for the summer. Or you can filter by yarn colors, or features such as arm knitting or self striping yarn. 

screenshot how to buy yarn online refining by yarn weight for bulky or chunky yarns 

Plus, you have the option to tick more than one box next to the criteria. Imagine you want to search for yarn that is Chunky or Super Bulky- you could select both of those boxes, and it would show you all yarns across that weight range.

You can continue to refine across all the filters, for example you could apply a filter to find red yarn, in chunky weight, by Bernat then it would only show you yarns that meet all of that criteria.

Hot Tip: We have many Brand, Fiber, and Feature options, making the list quite long. You can scroll down to the bottom of the list, or type into the filter box, and it will begin to narrow down the options for you to choose from.

buying yarn online refining your search by yarn brand bernat brand yarn

Try One of Our Yarn Categories

We've also grouped some of our yarns by popular categories. You can view them by hovering over 'Yarn' and the categories will appear.

We've broken it down into a few different sections, so if you're looking for knitting yarn for socks, we've selected lightweight sock wool that has a bit of nylon added for strength in our 'Sock Yarns' section.

For all the yarns we hand dye in store, you can find them in the 'Hand Dyed Yarns' section.

If you want to knit some baby projects, we've put together a selection of easy-care machine washable yarns in traditional and non-traditional baby colors, you can find those in the 'Baby Yarns' section.

Searching for Yarn

The other way you can use our site is by searching, simply type in the top search box what you want, and if we have it, it will magically appear. The search bar will automatically pop up with the most relevant items. If what you are looking for is not there, hit 'Enter' or click the magnifying glass icon, it will take you to a page with the full results, and you can use the filters to further refine your search.

online yarn shopping using the search bar on yarn designers boutique website to find the yarn your are looking for

Hot Tip: The top search box, will search everything in our entire store. If you want to search within one category only, navigate to that category and use the search box below the filters.


Watch the video below to see it all in action

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