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Infinity Bulky Wrap and Drop Scarf

This is an original design from Gena Hester, You can buy the pattern here for $5 and get the yarn from us as well.

Whats so great about this scarf is that it can be worn a ton of different ways, so it will go with whatever you’re wearing.

Please note: This pattern calls for 1 pair of Size 11 24” circular Needles

Pick a striping or variegating yarn to get the most effect. Thick and thin yarns work really well with this pattern. The scarf shown is in Lion Brand Homespun Ribbon yarns would be great too.

Finished Size: 56” (round) by 8 ½” wide which can be wrapped around your neck once to be doubled or just left long one time.

Stripey ScarfIf your finished scarf tends to pull in and roll, just block both the starting and ending edge with a steam iron and a pressing cloth, using pins to hold it down as you press. That should relax the edges. It will really depend on the yarn whether it needs it or not.

If you want the scarf longer, cast on 3 stitches per inch longer that you want, and make sure to add enough yardage to not run short. You can make the scarf as long or as wide as you wish!

Play with how you wear this scarf. You can leave it long with one twist or you can wrap it once or twice for different effects! If you choose a heavier or lighter weight yarn, do a swatch to calculate how many stitches to cast on. Enjoy!

For more information and images of this scarf check it out on Craftsy.

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