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Introducing Knit Collage Yarns and Patterns

Knit collage new yarns and patternsWe are super excited to announce that we have received our first order of beautiful yarns from Knit Collage. These yarns are handspun in Punjab by women who painstakingly craft every detail of the yarn, from hand dyeing, to hand carding, crocheting tiny flower embellishments and spinning the yarn together with all of its trimmings. Amy Small, founder of Knit Collage, began with her love of spinning, selling her yarn to local stores, she participated in her first trade show, and that’s when things took off. She now works with several designers that really know how to use her yarns to their fullest potential. Here are some of our favorite designs, and when you buy the yarn from us you can get the pattern for free!


Knit Collage Cozy Cocoon Pillow Case Pattern

Cozy Cocoon Pillow Case Made in Pixie Dust and Sister Yarn

Pixie Dust yarn with all its sparkles and cocoony awesomeness lends itself perfectly to projects for your home. This pattern features a garter stitch front, knit in Pixie Dust & a herringbone stitch back side, knit in Sister yarn. Of course, the sides are interchangeable, which means you’re really getting 2 pillow designs with this one! 1 skein of Pixie Dust & 1 skein of Sister will knit up into a 12”x12” pillow and 2 skeins of each will knit up into an 18”x18” pillow.



Boho Fringe Bag by Knit Collage made in Pixie Dust

Pixie Dust is perfect for home goods and accessories. It can be a little too chunky for an all over sweater, but in a bag, it’s totally divine. The oversized shape of this bag is perfect for all of your necessities. Pixie Dust makes the best fringe too!




Chelsea Morning Legwarmers in Daisy Chain Yarn

These perfect leg warmers are adorable in Knit Collage’s Daisy Chain yarn! The yarn is slightly less bulky than their other handspun yarns, which help make the leg warmers not too chunky when worn.

In this pattern, they give you 2 options- a 2 skein option and a 3 skein option. The 2 skein leg warmer has no stirrup heel detail and is shorter in length- 13″. The 3 skein leg warmer has the stirrup detail and is much longer- 19″ in total length, so great for scrunching.


Winter PomPom Hat knit pattern

Snow Bunny Hat by Knit Collage

Knit Collage’s Snow Bunny Hat pattern features a rib brim and cable knitting in their own beautiful handspun yarn. Buy the full kit from us in either Daisy Chain or Swirl and get Free Designer Additions to add your individual flair. The uneven texture of the yarn and hint of sparkle throughout truly make this hat unique and perfect for winter. Knit yours in Daisy Chain or Swirl yarn now!