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Japanese Delights

Since I have been working at the Yarn Designers Boutique, I have learned a lot about different styles of knitting and crocheting, as well as the many different projects that our customers enjoy doing. Looking through the shop’s binders of free patterns has gotten me interested in searching for patterns and ideas online, too. I’ve got a couple of fun little things that I want to try to make, and about a billion things I hope I can get good enough to make someday.

One thing I have learned more about, and have come to adore, is Amigurumi (ah-mee-goo-roo-mee). It comes from the Japanese words ami (meaning knitted or crocheted) and nuigurumi (meaning stuffed doll or toy). These little creatures exude cuteness and I have seen them in all forms – animals, insects, fish, fruits, vegetables, robots – anything!

One of the shop’s customers, Katie, has taken to amigurumi and has done exceptionally well (you may see her there on Tuesday nights).  She began crocheting in earnest just a couple of months ago, and I am amazed at the projects she has turned out.

The middle bear was her first, and the other two were made to order for a set of twin boys. Katie’s got a few other things that she’s just putting the finishing touches on, and then I will be able to post more photos.

Gena will be getting some amigurumi books in the shop soon, and there’s the possibility of having some classes on the subject. If you are interested, please let Gena know!

I love the passion that Katie has for her projects! It is inspiring to me to see a person discover something they have a talent for and then throw themselves into it, reading books, practicing, and pushing themselves to be better each time.

More project photos are coming soon! Domo arigato, Katie.

*Just Added! Additional photos!*



Top: A mobile/stroller toy with fishies swimming through seaweed. Bottom: Three peas in a pod, a gift Katie made for her mom representing herself and her two brothers.