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Leaving for TNNA later today…..

Here’s our customer corner for today! Gosh I love this picture and if you look at the red shawl in the background, it’s sold and gone and I really loved that too!
Nanci & Diann with their new beautiful sweaters done!

 Diann and Nanci  with their new beautiful sweaters done!

Hi everyone, TNNA starts tomorrow in San Diego.  This is the West Coast Winter trade market for retail stores to purchase yarn and needlecraft supplies and the only market I go to annually to find new yarns and notions to offer to you!  I am really excited to go but a little disappointed that Susan (Susan’s NeedleArts – our sister store) is not able to go with me because of scheduling conflicts! 

Jill-Ayn will be here Friday and through the weekend to help you at the store!

I will be taking a few pictures and keep you posted through the rest of this week and will update you about my new finds in my email newsletter next week.  I know for sure I will be picking out my favorite colors of Opal Yarn’s new “Harry Potter” sock yarn and looking for new yarns that are thick and thin like my all time favorite “Farmhouse’s Lumpy Bumpy”.  I’ll also be looking for replacements for some of our favorite fancy yarns that are being discontinued.

TNNA also offers excellent classes to improve our knitting, crochet, and business skills and what could be better than taking classes you actually get to learn new yarn techniques and it’s all a business expense for me!   This is definitely my favorite type of conference to go to!

If you want me to look at anything special for you this week, just leave me a comment and I will do my best!  Happy Yarnings, Gena