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My First Project!

My first week in Big Bear is coming to a close and it has been nothing short of beautiful, educational, and just what I needed to dive into after graduation. I have gotten to help out in the shop by learning the cash register system and stocking freight that has come in. In addition, a customer came in wanting a new set of slipcovers for her rocking chair cushions. The refurbished chair was to be a gift for her granddaughter’s new baby girl, so we helped her choose some upholstery fabric in the shop, and I set to work on my first freelance project.

After measuring the chair pads, I began to draft my patterns, just as I had learned to do in school. I used the vellum patternmaking paper we have in the shop, and soon I had my pieces ready to cut out.  For extra strength, I threaded my sewing machine with a heavy-duty upholstery thread that we also have in the shop.  The thread did not break once in the course of sewing, but I did have to guide the fabric under the presser foot with a little more force to prevent the thread from catching and tangling.

I made a tab/flap at the back of each cushion that can be tucked in a tacked down so there’s no need to mess with a zipper, but the slipcovers can be removed for washing. And now we have a pattern ready to go for the next set.

It has been great to meet so many new people this week who are so passionate about the things that they create. I have seen customers who are new to knitting and crocheting and are ready to dive in and learn, excited by what they might accomplish. And then I have seen customers who have been knitting and crocheting for years, but they still have that excitement, always ready and planning to tackle that next project and make something beautiful and fun. I love it!

Until next time,