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Now you can access your history online!

Now you can access your history online!

If you've been in the store in the past few months, you may have noticed the way we ring you up has changed. The good news is, now you can see your past purchases, store credits, and manage your address, and contact details online!

Bought a yarn from us and need more but can't remember what it was?

View all your past orders, find previously purchased products, and order more to be delivered or picked up in store!

Want to know how much store credit you have?

We're giving you $5 credit for every $100 spent. From your account dashboard you can view your frequent buyer credit and credit for any returns. They can be redeemed when purchasing online or in store, and you can even set up monthly automated updates.

Let's get you started!

Create Your Account

To get started and activate your account visit our website here, enter your First and Last Name and your email address- you'll need to use the same email address you gave us when you first visited our store, or if you receive our newsletter, enter the email address where you receive that. Input a password of your choice, and click 'Create'.

create your online yarn account

View Past Orders

Once in your account you'll find your past purchases, whether online or in store. Your default address on file with us, any store credit you have, and a link to additional addresses we have on file.

inside my yarn account

To view any of your previous orders, simply click on the pink order number. You can view the items in your order, and the status whether it's paid and fulfilled. 

view my order online


Store Credit

At Yarn Designers Boutique, we give you $5 of store credit for every $100 spent with us. You also receive store credit for any returns.

You can manage and view your store credits online. From your account dashboard click on the 'Store Credit' link. On the left, if you click 'Customer Settings', you have the option to have an automated reminder sent to you every 30 days, letting you know how much store credit you have.

get store credit reminder


To redeem your store credits for any online purchase simply click 'Redeem for Discount', and enter how much you would like to redeem of your available store credit. and click 'Redeem', it will generate a code that will automatically apply to your cart. and it will tell you how much of your store credit is left.

redeem store credit at yarn designers boutique

When you go to check out, you can see the credit has been applied.

discounted order store credit

If you decide not to use your store credit, from your Store Credit Dashboard choose 'Recover Discount' and it will go back into your store credit pool.

recover store credits

To see your history of what store credit you've used, click on 'Transaction History' and it shows you any store credit used, and your running balance.

transaction history store credit


Edit Your Address

To edit your address with us, go back to the main dashboard, and click on 'Addresses' on the right. You can then edit or delete your address or add another address you might want any orders shipped to. When editing an address there is also a tick box at the bottom to set it as your default address.

edit address on my yarn account

If you have any trouble, give me a call on (909) 584-9715 or send me an email, and I can send you an invitation  to create an account directly.