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Original Ruffle Scarf Pattern by Gena Hester



Well, after our last post about ruffling yarns, and seeing the scarf patterns the manufacturers came up with, I couldn’t help but design my own. And its way more glamorous and unusual than what the yarn manufacturers have been touting around. The central bit is made in Lion Brand’s Homespun yarn, I’ve used two colors here that match the color scheme of the the ruffling/mesh yarn – the new Boutique Sashay from Red Heart Yarns. Its a development on from my previous Infinity Scarf pattern and is super simple to make.

What You Will Need:

Yarn: 1 skein Red Heart Boutique Sashay “Conga” green (30 yds ruffle yarn), Homespun Fawn and Olive, 1 skein each.  If you want to use one color of Homespun, 1 skein is enough (about 185 yds).
Needles: one pair Size 11 24”  OR 32” circular needles
Pattern: You can buy the pattern online for $5 or get it free when you buy your yarn from us.
Finished Size:  56” (round) by 8 ½” wide which can be wrapped around your neck once to be doubled or just left long one time.

Play with how you wear this scarf.  You can leave it long with one twist or you can wrap it once or twice for different effects!  If you choose a heavier or lighter weight yarn, do a swatch to calculate how many stitches to cast on.  Make a ruffle hat to match!  Enjoy!


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