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Summer Semester at Academy of Arts University (AAU)

Hi folks!  I really bought off a big one when I signed up for two 3 credit classes for the Summer Semester which is HALF as long as the Fall and Spring Semesters.  So I had only 7  and 1/2 weeks to complete a normal full 15 week course and I had 2 courses!  Roughly that meant I had 40 hours a week of course work!  Thanks to Diane, Susan and Erin, we were able to keep the yarn shop running smoothly.Handknit Garment Design with Shirley Paden

I had an amazing learning experience which I will share with you as I make changes in my creative life going forward.  The two courses I took were fashion illustration and the business of fashion.  These are required courses for fashion design students.  AAU is amazing in their basic level courses as they assume each student has no experience in each class.  At the get go I had absolutely no art or drawing experience but I had 40 years of business experience!   I thought that would mean I would spend more time on the drawing and less on the business but no!   My time and learning was equal for both and very exhilarating!   As you may have guessed already, my entire BFA will be earned attending 100% online courses.

When I chose AAU, I did so because they seemed to have the coursework and reputation I needed and also had the most sophisticated online learning system than any other college I found.  What I found out after I started was that the online learning environment was just what I needed.  I hate going to seminars and classes because I usually can’t sit still for long and my attention span never matched the pace of the course.  When you learn online, it is completely at your pace.  Whether you stop watching a video, or watch the same video 10 times, you are 100% in control of your learning experience.

Here is one of the art pieces I studied .  It is called Feel the Beat by Peggy Kroll Roberts, an Impressionist artist.  What we are learning is how to get movement and expression in our fashion drawings.