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Short Foursquare Majestic Interchangeable Circular Needle Set for Socks, US 4-10

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Knit Picks' Short Foursquare Needle Set set combines the best of three worlds- shorter length tips for small diameter projects, the ergonomic benefits of four sided square needles, plus the gorgeous purples, greens, and blues, of their Majestic colorway.

Foursquare interchangeable knitting needles have the usual strong layers of laminated birch which have been carved into smooth, flat sides that fit perfectly against your fingers. The gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip, helping to relieve pain and tension in wrists and hands while creating more uniform stitches. Four sided needles are more ergonomic, and especially suited to arthritis or carpal tunnel sufferers

The Short Options Interchangeable Needle Set is designed with shorter needle tips that connect snag-free to their distinctive black cable. This set includes one pair of cables - simply attach a needle tip to each end and create a versatile 16" interchangeable circular needle perfect for socks, sleeves, and other, more compact projects.


How are Knit Picks Foursquare Knitting Needles ergonomic?

A square needle decreases contact stress by giving your fingers a flat surface to rest on while knitting. This is different from a traditionally-shaped round needle, which forces your fingers to rest on a smaller, convex-shaped surface area.  The tension caused by a round needle can result in poor circulation and impaired nerves. Eliminating or reducing contact tension by using a square needle can significantly reduce pain. 

We’ve had a number of customers tell us that they had stopped knitting until they discovered square knitting needles!

Square needles are perfect for knitters who have arthritis, carpal tunnel or stiffness in their wrists and fingers. Even if you’re not currently experiencing hand or wrist pain, it’s worth treating them right by selecting needles and tools that support all the knitting they'll be doing for years to come!

Looking to expand your interchangeable knitting needle set? We have additional sizes of both Knit Picks Tips and Cables available for even more options.

Fun Fact: Foursquare needles can still be sized with a Knit Picks Needle Sizer, so a size 6 Foursquare needle will fit the same hole as a size 6 round needle. Your knitted gauge with Foursquare needles may vary from the same size round needle.

Note: The sizing of the cables refer to the total length achieved when the needle tips are attached to the cables. Therefore, while all of the Knit Picks Option Interchangeable Needles will fit on the shorter cables, we strongly recommend not using the longer tips on these cables - the circumference will not measure 16" and your needles can bend or break.

Set Includes
7 Pairs of Foursquare Wood Knitting Needle Short Tips
(Needle tip length is 2-3/4")

US 4 (3.5mm) US 8 (5mm)
US 5 (3.75mm) US 9 (5.5mm)
US 6 (4mm)
US 10 (6mm)
US 7 (4.5mm)

2x 16" lengths

Snapped Clear Vinyl Needle Case
4 End Caps
2 Cable Keys