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How to Brioche on a Knitting Loom in One Color

How to Brioche on a Knitting Loom in One Color

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To brioche knit a flat piece (which can then be sewn up) you'll need to use our long knitting loom so you can work both sides of the loom. You can also find and download our free Loom Knit Brioche Cowl here. 

Below is the written tutorial with diagrams, you can find a video explanation at the bottom of this page.

Depending on the weight and gauge of your yarn you'll want to insert every or every other peg. For Bulky or Super Bulky yarns I recommend inserting every other peg, and make sure they are directly across from each other.

Casting on & Working Brioche

  1. Begin your brioche by attaching a slipknot to the end knob on your loom, then wrap your pegs in a Figure 8 pattern, working back and forth from one side of the loom to the other. You don't have to use the full length of the loom, if you only want your scarf to be 8 pegs wide then only work the Figure 8 wrap 8 pegs wide.How to brioche knit on a knitting loom how to cast on
  2. Wrap your last peg again to ensure it has two loops, then work back across your loom in Figure 8 wrap again, ensuring that this second pass lays directly over the top of the first to brioche on knitting loom casting on figure 8
  3. Pick one side to work (I choose the side which contains the last peg wrapped so I can trap my working yarn and let it go). Simply knit that one side, pulling the bottom loop over the top. When you are finished, one side will have pegs with one loop, and the other side pegs will have 2 to brioche knit u-wrap on knitting loom
  4. To begin the next pass, wrap that last peg again so now it has 2 loops, and work back across to loom using a U WRAP this time. The path of the working yarn should lay directly over the top of the previous to brioche knit on a knitting loom
  5. Once you have U wrapped your way across: one side of the loom will have 2 loops on the pegs, and the other side will have 3 loops. Working on the side containing 3 loops, lift the bottom 2 loops up over the top loop. (Leave the other side alone.)knitting loom how to brioche knit on loom knitting board
  6. Repeat step 5 until your brioche piece is as long as you want.

To Bind Off


  1. Ending with Step 5 above; you should find yourself in a position where one side of the loom has 1 loop on each peg, and the other side has 2 loops.How to bind off brioche on knitting loom
  2. Grab the loop off the 1 Loop Side and put it over onto the 2 Loop to bind of brioche on knitting loom
  3. Now that Peg has 3 loops, grab the bottom 2 loops and pass it over the top to bind off brioche on a knitting loom
  4. Once all your pegs contain 1 loop and are all on the same side, use our stretchy bind off to take those last loops off and retain the stretchiness of your brioche.

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