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Round Hat Loom with Removable Pegs

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A versatile knitting loom you can use it with either Bulky or Worsted weight yarn.

  • This fantastic hat loom offers an easy to use ergonomic design made from super strong plastic, including the knob on the outside to secure your yarn.
  • The light weight and compact size makes this round loom easy to handle and quick to wind the yarn around the pegs while the other hand is holding the loom steady.
  • With every peg in the loom knit gauge is ~⅜", with every other peg in the gauge is ~⅝"
  • For Bulky Yarns, insert the pegs into every other hole.
  • For Worsted Yarn insert the pegs into every hole.
  • If you purchase a second loom, you can set up one for worsted yarn and one for bulky yarn!

You can also use this loom to create circular woven piece to hang on your wall as dreamcatchers or as place mats.

This Pack Includes

  • 23 cm Green Round Loom
  • 72 Loom Pegs
  • Weaving Tool
  • Seaming Needle
  • Instructions to Loom Knit a Hat

For more ideas on what to do with your knitting loom, and how to use it, visit our blog: 

Getting Started with your Knitting Loom

If you need any yarn for your loom I'd be happy to work with you to find the perfect skeins for your project, give me a call on 1-888-538-2725.

Setting Up Your Knitting Loom

To insert the pegs, all you need is a small hammer to tap them in. Be sure to place the peg in so that the side with the ridge is facing out, and NOT the inside of the loom. This ridge will be used to insert your tool when you are lifting the bottom yarn over the top yarn. The pegs can be easily removed by using the other side of the hammer.

Knitting Loom with Adjustable Pegs for Adult Hats, 3/8" and 5/8" Gauge Round Hat Loom with Removable Pegs Yarn Designers Boutique
Round Hat Loom with Removable Pegs Sale price$9.99 Regular price$10.99