Blanket Knitting Loom with Adjustable Pegs

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Knitting Looms are not just for knitters! They are a totally different way of thinking about knitting and requires no knitting knowledge whatsoever.

  • This adjustable blanket loom is great for large projects, bulky yarns, and oversized scarves.
  • You can double knit with it, or work up one side and down the other to make something up to 8 feet wide and as long as you like. I could make a car cover with that!
  • It's also faster, and much easier than hand-knitting!
  • The flexible design, features insertable/removable pegs, so you can use either worsted weight yarn or bulky yarn, simply by how you insert your pegs.
  • You can create any pattern of knit and purl stitches for a ribbed, lace, cable or basket weave effect!

This fantastic blanket loom offers an easy-to-use ergonomic design.

It's made from super strong plastic yet is also lightweight, and compact enough to sit on your lap while you knit around the curves. You can use any weight yarn with this loom, but for blankets, I wouldn't recommend using anything heavier than a worsted weight yarn, or else your blanket will be very heavy. You can also use a thinner yarn such as DK to create a loose knit effect.

For bulky yarns, insert the pegs into every other hole. For worsted weight yarn insert pegs into every hole. If you purchase a second loom, you can set up one for worsted yarn, and one for bulky yarn, then you don't need to keep fiddling with taking the pegs in and out.

With every peg in the loom, gauge is 3/8", with every other peg in the loom gauge is 5/8".

This Pack Includes:

  • Pink Serenity Loom with 294 pegs
  • Weaving Tool
  • Tapestry Needle
  • 2 Blanket patterns
  • Plastic carrying case
loom knitting patterns for knitting looms hat and cowl
For Tutorials on How to Use your Knitting Loom check out our Blog 
knitting back and forth on a blanket loom how to loom knit blog tutorials

If you need help finding the right yarn for your loom, I'd be happy to work with you to find the perfect skeins for your project, give me a call on 1-888-538-2725!

How To Set Up Your Blanket Loom 
To insert the pegs, all you need is a small hammer to tap them in. Be sure to place the peg in so that the side with the ridge is facing out, and NOT the inside of the loom. This ridge will be used to insert your tool when you are lifting the bottom yarn over the top yarn. The pegs can be easily removed by using the other side of the hammer. See the video below for a demonstration.

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Yarn Designers Boutique Blanket and Scarf Knitting Loom with Adjustable Pegs Review

Great quality great use for thinner yarn to bulky yarn. Very versatile.

Awesome quality and received it quickly. Thank you very much. Will order again from this shop.

Yarn Designers Boutique Blanket and Scarf Knitting Loom with Adjustable Pegs Review

Highly Recommended

I will definitely be recommending this to all of my friends. It’s a bit awkward at first if you’ve only used round looms but you learn pretty fast what angles to go at the pegs at. I love this thing and I can’t stop using it!

Yarn Designers Boutique Blanket and Scarf Knitting Loom with Adjustable Pegs Review

Love it!

I love this loom!! It keeps things where they should be and it doesn’t take forever to make something. I will say this - when you stick the pegs in the holes a few of them only go in a little but, there’s plenty of extra pegs so you can make it work if you get a snag. Overall I am in love with my new “honey I’m busy with my new project”


It is great just what I wanted very strong not flimsy or weak thank you, Lucy


Excited to get started

Fantastic seller! I can't wait to start using the looms!