Clover Felting Needle Tool

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A little piercing with this needle felting tool is all it takes to make fun and fast felted projects.

Felted appliques are easy! All it takes is a light punch!

  • This felting needle tool comes with fine needles so you can craft with a wide range of fabrics.
  • Includes a safety locking device so you won't puncture anything by accident.
  • Ideal for attaching appliques to knits! Just grab a coupl felt sheets and you're on your way!
  • The needle points are very sharp and dangerous, handle them with care.
  • The lock-in-place open ended cap means you can safely store it or take it with you wherever you like to craft.

Other felting tools are sold separately- we have the Needle Felting Claw and Mat Cleaner, Pen Style Needle, Large Felting Mat, and Needle Refills here. Also if you'd like a beginner felting kit that includes all the supplies you can find them here.

How to Use Your Felting Tool

Simply place the applique over the base fabric on top of your felting mat (sold separately) and pierce lightly with the Needle Felting Tool. The fiber will become interlaced, attaching the motif to the fabric beautifully.

Size: 4" Long x 1.1" Wide

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