Kacha Kacha Row Counters

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A convenient way to keep track of your stitches, rows, or pattern repeats. Simply push the top of the counter each time a stitch or row is completed. Each push advances the count by one from 0 up to 99.

Sizes Vary:

  • Red Regular Size = 2.5" High x 1.5" Wide
  • Green Mini Size = 1.87" Wide x 1.5" High

 Special Features on the Mini Green Kacha Kacha

  • Compact, easy-to-carry row counter.
  • With a lock and unlock feature, so you can rest assured that the number your finish one session with, will be the same when you start your next session.
  • Bring your counter with you around your neck! Simply pass a cord (or your favorite yarn) through the hole to wear it like a pendant. Neck cord not included in the package.

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