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Crafter's Acrylic 2oz Gloss

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Deco Art Crafter's Acrylic Gloss Paint is water-based with a gloss finish and can be used on both indoor and outdoor projects. 

Paint simple crafts and basecoat projects inexpensively with Crafter's Acrylic paints. This low-cost options is designed to brush out smoothly and evenly, covering in one or two coats. 

Ideal for most craft surfaces including wood, paper, canvas, ceramic bisque, dry wall, resin, Styrofoam, picture frames, paper mache, gift bags, furniture, and plaster.

Each package contains one 2 fl.oz. bottle of paint.

Available in a variety of intermixable colors (each sold separately).

Non-toxic, soap and water clean up.
For decorative purposes only, not food safe.
Conforms to ASTM D4236.

    How to Use Crafter's Acrylic Gloss

    Shake well before using. Apply one well-brushed coat using a soft brush or sponge brush. Apply multiple coats when using more transparent colors. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying additional coats or varnishes.

    Tips for Crafter's Acrylic

    Squirt a small amount out of the bottle at a time since acrylics dry so quickly.

    Masking tape applied over already-dried acrylic paint will not damage the existing paint, thus making it easier to produce a hard or sharp edge.

    To use Crafters Acrylic on fabrics mix them with Fabric Painting Medium.

    Reusable glass or high-density plastic can be used as a palette, because acrylic paints will not cling to them, making clean-up easy.

    Typically, the shelf life for most paints is 5-7 years. If kept in a closed container under stable living temperatures, shelf life can be indefinite. Here are a few guidelines to follow to determine if your Crafter's Acrylic paints are still good to use:

    • If your paints can be re-mixed by shaking or stirring, they are fine to use.
    • If the paints can't be successfully shaken or stirred, they should be discarded and replaced.
    • If there are small pieces of dried matter in the paint, you can create a filter by unscrewing the paint cap, placing a small piece of nylon stocking or similar fine-weave, thin fabric over the opening, then putting the cap back on. When you squeeze out the paint, dried matter will stay inside the bottle, and only smooth paint will flow out.
    • If there are "strings" in the paint, it is best to discard and replace it.

    Dry time can depend on temperature, humidity, thickness of application, etc. Crafter's Acrylic normally dries to the touch within 15 minutes or less.