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Creative Garden Mosaics-Dazzling Projects & Innovative Techniques

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Create a world of beauty with 22 captivating garden mosaics.

These imaginative creations range from elegant pillar planters and serene shrines to charming tabletops and vibrant flowerpots.

Crafted using a diverse palette of materials including ceramic tiles, pebbles, stained glass, colored mirrors, and shimmering jewels, these projects are a testament to the limitless possibilities of mosaic artistry.

This richly illustrated guide takes you through the essential tools, techniques (such as transferring patterns and cutting shapes), and materials (including tesserae and glass tile). Whether you're a novice or a seasoned artisan, this book provides the foundation you need to embark on your mosaic journey and experience the sheer delight of constructing an array of visually stunning items.

  • Imagine your garden adorned with an Onion Dome Birdhouse, a true avian palace complete with a resplendent gold-leaf dome.
  • Create an enchanting Snake-in-the-Grass Border, encircling a small flower bed with iridescent glass that glistens like a serpent's scales.
  • Illuminate your outdoor space with the radiance of a Starburst Appliqué, add a touch of elegance with a Cascading Planter, or set a magical ambiance with an Agate Candle Lantern.

These are just a few of the possibilities waiting for you to explore in the world of mosaic artistry.


At last - a comprehensive coverage of mosaic techniques alongside innovative design ideas all in one book. American mosaicist Jill MacKay devotes a good third of the book to in-depth instructions on tools to use, materials and how to handle them, base materials and structures, all clearly explained and illustrated.

Following on are twenty innovative projects to try at home ranging from simple half-day pieces to longer-term projects such as planters, bird baths, tables and shrines. Quirky frogs and beetles, pod planters and plant collars add novelty and appeal to young and old alike.

As Jill says in her introduction, mosaicking is an addictive medium and can transform objects from the ordinary to the outstanding. Even plain concrete ornaments from the garden centre are utilised and turned into individual, highly-personal garden decorations.

Accompanied throughout with photographs of mosaic works from artists such as Candace Bahouth and Cleo Mussi, alongside a host of US mosaicists, it is an inspirational look at the subject. This is a step above the current plethora of books on this popular subject and well worth a look for all keen mosaicists.

- Lucy Watson

Transform your garden into a mosaic masterpiece and let your creativity flourish.

Published by Union Square & Co. on August 1, 2004
Paperback, 159 pages, English
Dimensions: 8.5" x 0.75" x 10"

Creative Garden Mosaics-Dazzling Projects & Innovative Techniques how to mosaic
Creative Garden Mosaics-Dazzling Projects & Innovative Techniques Sale price$19.95