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Tailor's Awls by Clover

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Not just a simple tool this awl is the ultimate multi-tasker. Use it for a variety of tasks at your sewing station.
  • Punch holes in leather and other tough fabrics for grommets, shank backed doll eyes, and more.
  • Use your awl to bring your bobbin thread up and avoid messy tangles.
  • Pick up stitches with your awl to snip them without the risk of slicing your fabric. (Remember to snip the stitches at the back for easy removal)
  • Feed unruly fabric through your machine by using your awl as a stiletto, keeping those all important fingers away from your needle.

Keep your awl to hand at your sewing station, and you'll be grabbing for it as often as a pair of thread snips.

Awl Length: 4 ½"

Sewing Awl by Clover, Punch Holes, Pick Up Stitches & More Tailor's Awls by Clover Yarn Designers Boutique
Tailor's Awls by Clover Sale price$15.99