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Diamond Dotz, Small 4 x 4Inches

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This simple two color design is a great little starter kit to get some diamond setting practice.

It's perfect as a quick project for children.

Diamond Dotz combine the best of Paint by Numbers, Embroidery, and Bedazzle! Relaxing, easy and fun, anyone can do it! Don't worry if you don't think you have artistic talent, the canvas and jewels are coded so you can see exactly where to place each jewel, just like a cross stitch chart.

The canvas has a pre-printed self adhesive design on it so the jewels will stick on easily and stay on. Just dip the Diamond Dotz Stylus in wax to pick up the dots by their faceted side and place it onto the matching square on the sticky print. The canvas comes with a clear protective sheet over the top, so you can just peel it back as much as you need in order to do the area you're working on. As long as you put the sheet back down you can roll up the canvas and take it will you or store it until the next time you want to work on it.

There are so many things you can do with these kits, for example, with this one you could attach some felt to the back and use it as a coaster!

This design is 4 x 4 inches on a 6 inch square piece of fabric with a preprinted adhesive design.

This kit also contains Diamond Dotz, one stylus, one craft tray, one wax caddy and multi-lingual instructions.

Design Size: 4x4 inches.

Mini Diamond Painting, Easy Kids Crafts to Stay at Home Diamond Dotz, Small 4 x 4Inches Yarn Designers Boutique
Diamond Dotz, Small 4 x 4Inches Sale price$9.50