Hand Dyed Silk Hankies from Frabjous Fibers

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These silk hankies, or matawa silk squares, are individual silk cocoons that have been opened and spread onto a square frame.

Each square contains layers and layers of light-as-air silk fiber panels that are easily peeled away into very thin sheets ready for you to spin or knit! 

You can even us it for felting- simply separate a thin layer of silk and lay it over your wool item and wet-felt them together.

How to prepare your silk:
1. Separate a layer
2. Stretch a hole in the center and keep stretching evenly until you have made a large loop in the thickness you desire.
3. Gently pull apart one end of the loop to open it.
4. Draft your fibers to the thickness and evenness desired.
5. Then simply spin it into yarn or knit it directly as roving.

    Material: 100% Silk Cocoon
    Size: 1oz bundle

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