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Dritz Fray Check, Stop Fraying Fabrics

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Stop Fraying Fabric in its Tracks

Dritz Fray Check is a liquid fabric glue that prevents your fabric from fraying and secures the ends.

  • Withstands repeated laundering and dry cleaning.
  • Will not stain or discolor fabrics (may dry darker on some, though).
  • Always test on an inconspicuous area of your fabric.
  • This package contains one ¾ oz bottle.

How to Stop Fraying Fabrics: 
1) Trim loose threads and frayed area.
2) Apply Dritz Fray Check to the fraying or unseamed edge, and use your fingers to spread it out.

(To use on ribbon: Apply the fray check to where you want to cut, allow it to dry, then make your cut. The glue will hold the edge of your ribbon together super tidy.)


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