Furls Alpha Series Crochet Hooks

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Furls Signature Crochet Hook

This is the hook that started it all. Founder Harrison Richards began making these hand carved crochet hooks from his parents' garage. To this day, each Alpha Series hook is made by hand, and is completely one of a kind.

There will be no other hook with your hook's unique combination of grain, wood, size, and shape - which is left up to the artists at the moment of creation.

Furls crochet hooks feature a large teardrop shape handle, carved to be easy to hold, especially for those with arthritis or carpal tunnel. The Alpha Series wooden hooks are lightweight (each hook only weighs ½ oz) and evenly weighted through the hook so you can crochet longer and produce more even stitches. 

Each hook is engraved with the hook size right on the handle. It's bold, it's beautiful, and it's easy to read.

The Olivewood colorway is a simple blonde color, perfect for working with any color yarn, you'll be able to see exactly where you're putting your hook. We find it's easier to see lighter color yarns with the Tupilwood and Cocobolo tones.

Reduce Hand Strain with a Better Hook

The Alpha Series' signature shape is guaranteed to reduce tension in the MCP and TCL joints - the joints that control the movement of the tendons and ligaments in your wrists and fingers while you crochet - allowing you to crochet longer and achieve more even stitches.

Lathed by Hand, Each Hook is Unique

Each hook starts as a blank - an individual piece of timber that came from a unique part of a unique tree. The blanks are carved by Master Woodworkers in Rusk, TX and Manteca, CA to meticulous ergonomic standards and scandalously luxurious design elements. After carving, each Alpha Series hook is hand sanded, taken through 7 stages of micropolishing, and then finished to a glass-like surface to ensure a flawless crochet experience.

 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every hook is 100% guaranteed to bring you all the crocheting pleasure you could imagine, or your money back

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