Furls Streamline Swirl Virgo Crochet Hook

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Furls Virgo Green & Blue Swirl crochet hooks are hand cast with a cosmetic-quality resin and resin-based pigments and then turned and carved to the ergonomic Streamline shape. 

These interstellar crochet hooks are slightly more dense, and faster to crochet with than the Furls Streamline Wood Crochet Hooks. They are slightly heavier than to wooden hooks (.75oz compared to .5oz) and the polished nonporous resin gives a minimal grab against the yarn as you're crocheting.

Furls Virgo still feature the same ergonomic teardrop shape for easy handling.

All Streamline Swirl hooks have the same length, width, ergonomic proportions and size engraving as the wooden Streamlines.

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