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Glow in the Dark Paint

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Deco Art's Glow in the Dark paint does exactly what it says on the bottle. Ideal for Halloween crafts, adding stars to the walls of kids' rooms, and decorative painting highlights.

Use a similar color in Americana Acrylics to base coat your surface. You also can mix it with similar or lighter colored acrylic paints to add luminescence.

Charge under sunlight or UV light for best results. Ideal for walls, wood, canvas, plaster, metal, papier mache, and more. Use a flat brush when creating a solid coverage, use a small round brush for detail work.

For maximum glow apply 2 - 3 coats, letting each coat dry completely before applying additional coats

Each bottle is 2 ounces.


Painting on Unusual Surfaces

Medium must be mixed with this paint appropriate for the chosen surface. For example, when using on fabrics, add Fabric Medium following label instructions for drying and heat setting.

Acrylic Paint | Glow in the Dark Paint For Halloween & Home Decor Glow in the Dark Paint Yarn Designers Boutique
Glow in the Dark Paint Sale price$3.79