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Hana-Ami Flower Loom

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Surround yourself with beautiful flowers no matter the season.

Clover's "Hana-Ami" Flower loom is just what's needed to put all those gorgeous petals in place. The perfect embellishing tool for all ages.  Get inspired and see your creative come to life in a beautiful flower that you’ve designed.  With Clover’s Flower Loom you can expertly apply all the yarns, ribbons, fabric strips, raffia, cording and decorative threads to create your own personal floral fantasy.

Clover's Flower Loom is the "go to" tool for creating flowers for virtually any floral accents you might desire. Quilts, hats, belts, coats, shoes, table runners, pillows, wall hangings, purses and bags can all be embellished by your one-of-a-kind flowers. Clover’s Flower loom is actually a full set of tools that can be used to produce the flowers you've been dreaming of. 

  • The set includes a base that supports and holds your chosen looms in place while you weave.
  • A variety of loom shapes and sizes are provided and can be used either separately or mixed & matched for unique flowers. 
  • A center post is even provided for your partial petal inspirations. 

Accessing all of the different looms and loom combinations in conjunction with an unlimited selection of fibers, textures and colors, creates an endless array of potential floral creations. 

Let your imagination run free. Clover’s Flower Loom can take you there.

Flower Loom Set Includes:

  • Square looms (large & small)
  • Hexagon loom
  • Round looms (small, medium & large)
  • Base to Hold Your Shapes
  • Cover for Easy Travel
  • Centering Loom
  • Tapestry Needle

Hana-Ami Flower Loom | 6 Loom Shapes for Fully Customizable Flowers Hana-Ami Flower Loom Yarn Designers Boutique
Hana-Ami Flower Loom Sale price$18.95