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Kitchen Bright Dishcloths, Knitting Patterns

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Love knitting dishcloths?

Discover 10 knit dishcloth patterns perfect for adding a pop of color and functionality to your kitchen!

Create your own knit dishcloths made from high-quality cotton worsted weight yarn. These stunning knit dishcloth patterns are designed to be both eye-catching accents and practical essentials.

Each of these bright dishcloths boasts a charming combination of colorful threads, making them an attractive addition to any kitchen decor. But they're not just pretty; they're also versatile. Every dishcloth features a simple yet elegant border, paired with a distinct pattern stitch, which means you're not only investing in handy kitchen accessories but also in opportunities to expand your knitting skills.

Whether you're a beginner knitter looking to master new stitches or simply want to create unique home accessories or thoughtful gifts, these dishcloths are an ideal choice. The set includes ten different patterns to keep your knitting experience engaging and enjoyable.

Patterns Include:

  • Bee Stitch
  • Crocus Buds
  • Elfin Lace
  • Trinity Stitch
  • Valentine Hearts
  • Zigzag Filet
  • Climbing Lattice
  • Slanted Squares
  • Basic Diamonds
  • Shapely Diamond

Add variety and charm to your kitchen while refining your craft.

Fill your kitchen with these beautiful, handcrafted dishcloths, or share them as heartwarming gifts with friends and family. Practical, colorful, and designed for creativity, they will not only make your daily chores more enjoyable but also inspire your knitting journey.

Leisure Arts 3824


Good Designs for Any Knitter. These are easy to intermediate level patterns. There are complete instructions for the 10 designs and a labeled picture of each one. It is easy to determine which dishcloth you'll be making. I'd recommend it for beginning as well as experienced knitters. Some of the patterns are included in Nifty Knit Dishcloths (#3122), which does not label the dishcloth pictures. If you want to know for sure what your finished product is supposed to look like, I'd use this book.
-Sonia P.

Interesting patterns, I enjoy knitting dishcloths in the evening; I find it relaxing so I don't always want a complicated design. Some of them in this book were a bit more than I wanted but may delve into at some time in the future (during the day when I am not tired!). Otherwise they are interesting and the folks who received them as gifts enjoyed them also.
-Brenda Y.

Knitting Dishcloth Kitchen Bright Dishcloths Leisure Arts #3824 10 Knit Dishcloth Patterns DIY Knit Dishcloths
Kitchen Bright Dishcloths, Knitting Patterns Sale price$6.95