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Radiant Straight Cable Needles, Knit Picks

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Knit Picks's small, grooved double pointed needles allow you to slip and hold stitches to the back or front, making an infinite variety of cable stitches effortless.

  • Specially designed to make cabling a breeze.
  • Enjoy the bright rays of Radiant even while you cable, with an incandescent array of red, orange, yellow, and purple.
  • Made from laminated birch wood.
  • The sharp, gradually tapered points slip easily into stitches so even complicated cables and decreases are easy to manoeuvre.
  • Birch wood warms quickly in your hands, and the burnished surface provides just the right amount of grip to manage slippery yarns.
  • Grooves in each needle keep the stitches from slipping off while they are being held in front or in back of your work.

This set of three provides an ideal size for any project.

Set IncludesUS size 3 (3 1/8" long)
US size 6 (3 3/8" long)
US size 9 (4" long)
Knit Picks, Radiant Cable Needles, Notches Stop Stitches Sliding Off Radiant Straight Cable Needles, Knit Picks Yarn Designers Boutique
Radiant Straight Cable Needles, Knit Picks Sale price$4.99