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Knit Collage has now put together a mini skein sampler kit so you can try 5 of their yarns at once without having to commit to 5 whole skeins!

This is a fantastic way to have a play around with Amy's top 5 favorite yarns and see which ones resonate best with you.  Of course, you're free to make anything with them and we encourage you to get creative.

These kits are ideal for weavers who might prefer a bundle of yarns in smaller yardages where the colors all work well together.

The kits come in different color options and they're tied together with pretty, embellished ribbons from Amy's travels to India.

Here's what's included: 

Yarn A: Spun Cloud ~ 100% Wool ~ 17 yards
Yarn B: Wildflower ~ 100% Cotton ~ 17 yards
Yarn C: Daisy Chain ~ A mix of Wool/Mohair and Sparkly Fibers - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards
Yarn D: Cast Away ~ 100% Wool - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards
Yarn E: Dreamland ~ A mix of Wool/Mohair and Sparkly Fibers - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards

Yarn Weight Category: Bulky
Length: 85 yards total (77 meters)
Set Weight: 7oz (200g)
Content: Wool, Mohair and Cotton
Gauge: Varies from 1-4 Stitches per inch
Suggested needle size: Varies from US 11 (8mm) - 19 (15.5mm)
Washing instructions: Gently Hand Wash and Lay Flat to Dry

Plus receive a free pattern to make a knitted cowl with your sampler kit! The PDF document will automatically be emailed to you once you complete your purchase. 

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Exact color details:
Black: Black Spun Cloud, Avocado Wildflower, Amulet Cast Away, Hyacinth Purple Daisy Chain, Moondance Dreamland

Foggy Blue: Fog Spun Cloud, Cornflower Wildflower, Chasing Rainbows Cast Away, Mermaid Cafe Dreamland, Frosty Azure Daisy Chain

Lilac: Lavender Dust Spun Cloud, Wisteria Wildflower, Coconut Sparkle Cast Away, Court and Spark Dreamland, Hyacinth Purple Daisy Chain

Seashore: High Vibes Spun Cloud, Reflection Pool Wildflower, Pebble Cast Away, A Case of You Dreamland, Natural Aura Daisy Chain

Dusty Mauve: Antique Mauve Spun Cloud, Beatnik Wildflower, Shooting Star Dreamland, Amulet Cast Away, Natural Aura Daisy Chain

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