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Myrtle "Vegan Silk" by Queensland Collection

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Introducing Myrtle "Vegan Silk" by Queensland Collection, a yarn that brings joy to vegans and conscious consumers alike.

Made from Lyocell, this innovative yarn provides the luxurious look and feel of silk, while remaining entirely animal-friendly.

Say goodbye to compromises and embrace the beauty of Myrtle yarn. Crafted with a blend of sustainability and elegance, this yarn is a game-changer. Perfect for summer tops and accessories, Myrtle's unique properties make it a must-have for creating lightweight and breathable garments.

Derived from wood cellulose, Lyocell is a semi-synthetic fabric that offers exceptional strength and durability. Compared to cotton, Myrtle yarn is stronger and lighter, making it an ideal choice for your summer beach bags and projects.

In addition to its remarkable qualities, Myrtle yarn is an environmentally conscious option. Lyocell is considered a more sustainable alternative to fully synthetic fibers like polyester, as it is primarily made from organic ingredients.

By choosing Myrtle, you're making a statement for ethical and eco-friendly crafting.

Enjoy the benefits of this versatile yarn as it remains resilient, even when wet, and resists pilling more effectively than cotton. With Myrtle "Vegan Silk," you can confidently create stunning, long-lasting pieces that stand the test of time.

Indulge in the beauty of silk-like fibers without compromising your values.

Myrtle "Vegan Silk" by Queensland Collection invites you to experience the luxury, strength, and sustainability of Lyocell, bringing a touch of elegance to your projects while keeping animals and the environment in mind.

Worsted Weight
100% Lyocell
180 Yards (164 meters)
3.5 Ounces (100 grams)
4 Inches = 16-20 Stitches on US 7-9 (4.5-5.5mm) Knitting Needles
4 Inches = 11-14 Single Crochet on Size 7-I9 Crochet Hooks
Machine Wash in Cold Water on Gentle Cycle, Lay Flat to Dry. Iron Low, Dry Cleanable. Do not tumble dry, do not bleach.


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Vegan Silk Worsted Yarn | Myrtle 'Vegan Silk' by Queensland Collection Myrtle "Vegan Silk" by Queensland Collection Yarn Designers Boutique
Myrtle "Vegan Silk" by Queensland Collection Sale price$11.95