Pom Pom Makers by Clover

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Now you can fashion perfectly shaped and sized yarn pom poms with minimal effort and loads of fun. Pom poms are ideal for decorating scarves, hats, home items and much more.

It is as easy as 1 2 3: wind, cut, tie and remove! 

Choose which size pom poms you'd like to make from the dropdown menu.

Extra Small: ¾" and 1" Pom Poms

easy diy christmas tree decorations pom poms

Small: 1⅜" and 1⅝" Pom Poms

Large: 2½" and 3⅜" Pom Poms

Extra Large: 4½" Pom Poms

For fun and simple Christmas Tree Decorations, try making pom poms in Merry Yarn. 

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