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Fabric Clips by Prym Love

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Fabric clips are a great alternative to pins when you don't want to damage your fabric or don't have the dexterity in your hands.

  • Easily hold layers of fabric up to 3/8" thickness
  • Ideal for vinyl, leather, delicate fabric or any material that can be damaged by pins
  • Great for sewing, quilting and crafting
  • Available in two different sizes

Select your size from the drop-down menu:
14 Large- Contains 14 Fabric Clips 2 1/4" x 7/16"
15 Mixed- Contains 8 Small (1" x 3/8") and 7 Large (2 1/4" x 7/16")
12 Small- Contains 12 Fabric Clips 1" x 3/8"

Fabric Clips | Prym Sewing Clips, Multi Pack, Choose Your Size Fabric Clips by Prym Love Yarn Designers Boutique
Fabric Clips by Prym Love Sale price$11.19