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RIT All Purpose Liquid Dye, 8 oz

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RIT's general all purpose dye is great for all kinds of materials and crafts.

In store, we use it to tie dye our cotton leggings,  simply mix it with hot water and a pinch of salt into a squirt bottle and dye away.

Then we like to stick it in the microwave for 3 minutes in a ziplock bag to get it really hot to help set the dye.

Use RIT liquid dye to rejuvenate old garments- darken up those faded black jeans, give that old vintage dress a whole new color, or brighten up plain sneakers. Create your own home accessories by shibori dyeing pillow covers, dip dyeing curtains and sheers, or tie dyeing your own towels!

You can also use this versatile dye on non fabric items- I like to use it as a stain for my wooden craft beads, dip dye gift tags, stain crepe paper, use it with stencils, you can even stain dried flowers with it.

There are many techniques you can use for dyeing from throwing it in your washing machine, to sink or bucket dyeing, to stovetop dyeing, to tie dyeing.

This package contains one 8 oz bottle.
Made in USA.

Please note: If you're dyeing Cotton, Rayon, Ramie or Linen you'll need to add Salt to your Dye and Water Mixture. If you're dyeing Nylon, Silk, or Wool- you'll need to add vinegar.

Works on:
Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool, Ramie, Rayon, Viscose, Nylon, Modal, Tulle, Wood, Paper, Cork, Hemp, Dried Flowers, Plastic

Learn How to Use RIT Liquid Dyes here:
fabric dye rit all purpose liquid dye for plant fibers cotton and more
RIT All Purpose Liquid Dye, 8 oz Sale price$5.99